Our Mission

No matter the state of the the country, our state, or even the economy, one fact will always remain: small businesses are the backbone of any community. The more small businesses grow and prosper, the more jobs are created, the more opportunities are made, and the more communities grow.

The Small Biz Network was formed to provide opportunities for small businesses to connect with potential customers and other small businesses. We utilize social media & multimedia platforms and events to create the opportunities. Having produced well over 500 events and built our own business utilizing social media and establishing relationships, our mission is to help as many people grow their businesses as possible. We believe in working together and believe the fast track to growing any business is by focusing on the following three principles:


You can’t grow your business without getting your name and brand out there. Thanks to social media and the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok it’s easier than ever to find free or extremely affordable branding opportunities. Branding shouldn’t just stop with social media. Podcasts, videos, media releases, community events, and collaboration with other business owners play a key part in getting your name out there as well.


Networking, networking, networking is vitally important to growth of any business. While newsletters, email, and phone calls are a great way to communicate with potential customers, nothing will ever beat face-to-face networking. Community events, markets, trade shows, happy hours, festivals, and anywhere you can connect with others are all great avenues and venues to springboard your business growth.


The hardest part, right? The great thing is that when you apply branding and networking to the process, selling becomes easy no matter what you’re selling.